Season 1 Crew

Main Crew

updated-myra-FINAL-688x1024Captain Myra Cole (played by Megan) is a veteran of the Unification war who fought on the side of the independence more out of spite then loyalty. However, as the war dragged on she built friendships and bonds that have lasted long since the war has ended. She likes fighting, flying, and shooting, and proudly bears the symbol of her 83rd Brigade on her shoulder. She spent several years working as a bounty hunter until a more….profitable venture arose.



NEW-DEXTER-669x1024 Dexter Hayes (played by Rob) was born to Browncoats, who both died in the war. Since then he has dedicated his life to taking down the Alliance anyway he can. That usually involves hacking into some system or broadcasting delicate information. Dexter has cherry blossom tattoos over his chest and upper arms.





jake-alt-alt-741x1024 Jake Culloch (played by Phil) is a renaissance man with a shrouded past he prefers to keep hidden. A master of changing identities, you never know what part of his story to trust.






Former Crew


Captain Kit ‘Ambrose’ McJunkin (played by Hiroshi) is a former companion looking for a new line of work, and he’s found it with his new crew.







Friends of the Crew

A pretty young woman in a jumpsuit looking off to the side.The Honorable Annabelle Sylvester Lin is a renowned figure in the border planets and frontier for her tireless charitable pursuits. Her affluent upbringing makes her no less beloved by the common folk of the Verse since she leaves all that behind on a regular basis to get her hands dirty working for the public good in field hospitals, soup kitchens, relocation centers and anywhere her kind smile and reassuring voice can make a difference. The family fortune she freely throws around to help achieve her ends helps too.

A huge thanks to Kym for all of our wonderful character art. You can find more of her work on her website,  Tumblr, and on the Transformation Sequence Podcast.