Season 2 Crew

Main Crew

updated-myra-FINAL-688x1024Captain Myra Cole (played by Megan) is a veteran of the Unification war who fought on the side of the Independence more out of spite then loyalty. Now she’s abandoned the Independence as well, and is  focused on her new goal: Kill them all. Myra is loyal to the few friends she has, and always willing to draw down on those who stand in her way.




jake-alt-alt-741x1024 Jake Culloch (played by Phil) is a renaissance man with a shrouded past he prefers to keep hidden. A master of changing identities, you never know what part of his story to trust.






Richard is balding with a hairy chest and suspenders. There's an old fashioned syringe in his front pocket. Richard Ward (played by Rob) got tired of being a mediocre mechanic on a backwater moon on the rim, so he went to the White Sun system to become an alliance surgeon. Having accomplished his goal he thought life was going to be great, until the crew of the Steele Researve started a new war of independence and Richard couldn’t stomach the people he was working for. Richard became part of the Independent underground, only to be caught early on and tossed in prison. Now he spends his time continuing and refining his efforts to support his new found cause: bringing down the Alliance and helping the Browncoats create a truly free ‘verse for all.

A man with shoulder length hair holds a data pad. He wears a crucifix and a leaf patterned shirtOliver Lucas Dewitt  (played by Alex) spent his life in secret and he wants to keep it that way…sort of. After a long corporate career that he won’t elaborate on, he was disowned by his father and his mother passed away. These events drove him to Shepherd’s Mission where he’s spent the last eight years studying with Shepherd Dan and keeping a step ahead of those who might try to find him. Back out in the world, Oliver helps in whatever ways he can but struggles to connect as he lacks direction and purpose for his new life.


Genevieve Saxton-Liu (played by Megan) was born and raised to wealth and privilege on Persephone. She may appear to just be a rich snob, but her sword is as sharp as her tongue. Genevieve is currently feuding with her family, and is willing to do almost anything to bring down both them and the Alliance. And she’s not above using her own family’s influence and money to do so.

Former Crew

NEW-DEXTER-669x1024Dexter Hayes (played by Rob) gave his life to save that of his love, Annabelle, taking a bullet from his other love turned nemesis, Ambrose. Given one last breath to express his dying wishes Dexter shocked all present by expressing his undying hate for the Alliance, and the new corrupt Independent powermongers, instructing his survivors to “Kill Them All”.






Captain Kit ‘Ambrose’ McJunkin (previously played by Hiroshi) is a former companion and once captain of the Steele Researve who has been turned by the Alliance into a super assassin, intent on hunting down those he believes left him to a horrible fate.






Friends of the Crew

A pretty young woman in a jumpsuit looking off to the side.The Honorable Annabelle Sylvester Lin is a renowned figure in the border planets and frontier for her tireless charitable pursuits. Her affluent upbringing makes her no less beloved by the common folk of the Verse since she leaves all that behind on a regular basis to get her hands dirty working for the public good in field hospitals, soup kitchens, relocation centers and anywhere her kind smile and reassuring voice can make a difference. The family fortune she freely throws around to help achieve her ends helps too.

A huge thanks to Kym for all of our wonderful character art. You can find more of her work on her website,  Tumblr, and on the Transformation Sequence Podcast.