Bonus Episode: Fifty Shades Of Boom

Sometime around episode 14, the crew of the Coral Sea saw to some business while our Big Damn Heroes were away.

This episode we play in the Firefly ‘verse with the great 1 page free system, Lasers and Feelings, from One.Seven Design Studio, available HERE

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Midseason 1 Blooper Reel

U ‘avin a chuckle m8? Good! This episode is all the bloops fit to bleep, Enjoy!

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This episode features:
Aser Tolentino
Rob Weeks
Megan Peterson
Phil Tillsley
Damali Banks

All sound effects are CC0 via Creative Commons

Our theme song is “Leaf Drip” By Tristan Scroggins used with permission under the CC3.0 license found here.¬†You can find Tristan’s amazing work here.

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